Interfaith/Community Work

With rabbis and church members during a 2018 Poor People’s Campaign action. Terry, (hands on the pavement, back to us) marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. and is still marching!

Each of our communities are benefited when we connect with other communities to work on projects that share our values. When conservative communities want to house the homeless because Jesus said to, I say yes. When marginalized communities are impacted by something in our systems and ask us to stand with them in solidarity, I say yes.

Of note: the Buddhist in the jail had asked for the scriptures, I was simply responding to the request.

So whether we are joining with others in our own denomination…

Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel’s Installation

Or reaching out to those of other faiths…

Co-leading an interfaith Advent service at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

As the Rev. Theresa I. Soto says, “All of us need all of us to make it.”